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Certificate III

10307 Certificate III in Information Technology, Digital Media (Web)



BSBOHS302B      Participate effectively in OHS communication and consultative processes

BSBSUS301A      Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

ICAICT202A         Work and communicate effectively in an IT environment

ICAICT301A         Create user documentation

ICAICT302A         Install and optimise operating system software

ICASAS301A       Run standard diagnostic tests




ICAICT203A         Operate application software packages

CUFDIG304A      Create visual design components

CUFANM301A   Create 2D digital animations

ICAWB301A        Create a simple markup language document

ICAWEB302A      Build a Simple website using a commercial Package

BSBEBU401A      Review and Maintain a website

ICAICT306A         Migrate to New Technology

ICAWEB201A      Use social media tools for collaboration and engagement

ICAWEB303A      Produce digital images for the web

CUFDIG301A      Prepare video assets

ICPMM346C       Incorporate video into multimedia presentations


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