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10338 – Diploma of Information Technology (Multimedia)


BSBCRT501A    Originate and develop concepts
BSBOHS509A   Ensure a safe workplace
ICAGAM504A   Manage interactive media production
ICAICT418A      Contribute to copyright, ethics and privacy in an IT environment
ICAICT419A      Work effectively in the digital media industry
ICAICT515A      Verify client business requirements
ICAPMG501A   Manage IT projects


ICAICT406A       Build a graphical user interface
CUFANM402A  Create digital visual effects
CUFPOS401A     Edit screen content for fast turnaround
BSBADM502B   Manage Meetings
CUSSOU502A   Produce sound recordings
CUSSOU302A   Record and mix a basic music demo
ICAWEB501A    Build a dynamic website
ICADBS504A    Integrate database with website
ICAWEB516A   Research and apply emerging web technology trends
ICADMT501A   Incorporate and edit digital video
CUFWRT501A  Develop storylines and treatments


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